In addition to being a Writer, Blogger, Advocate, Warrior & Peer Life Coach….

I also take care of Animals & their owners. I do doggy check-in, daycare, overnight care, vacation retreat, doggy spa day, doggy play-time. I work with basic training, obedience, hand commands, reward based training, love based training, and some small service task training. I work on socialization, resource garding, & animal behavior. I care for puppies, all sized dogs and elderly or chronically sick dogs. I share my love, attention and healing energy with all my furry client’s. I can give medication, and keep up with special needs.

*while I’m taking care of your fur-babies, I offer cleaning, organizing and general housekeeping. Please DM if you or someone you know is interested in services.

Services Offered:
*Whole person wellness recovery Peer Coach session; 30min, 1 hour
*Dog services: see above
*Housekeeping for pets Humans: see above

*Writer – DM for price

But my #kindnessisfree

With love and spoons

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