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Review of “Euphoria Wellness – and how it changed my life!”.

Hello all, I’m new to the medical cannabis/CBD, whole wellness community. I was given a very warm welcome and cannot express what this experience as a whole has done for me, but I will try.

No names will be used in the details of my story, because the world as a whole, has more judgmental people than I’m ready to take on at the moment. I’ll let my story speak for itself. So for the purposes of my writing and being an advocate, we’ll just call me “Confessions of an anonymous Spoonie”. Thank you for respecting my privacy and for letting me share.

I have over 20 different medical conditions and have lived with chronic pain and invisible illness for almost 2 decades. When I tell you that I’ve tried everything there is out there to try to battle and manage my conditions, I kid you not.

I was reluctant to get a medical cannabis card, as I didn’t want it to affect my recovery, and I didn’t want to deal with stigma and judgment. However, I have to share what a huge positive impact this has made on my life. This medicine, and my bud-tender Annie, literally saved my life.

If you don’t have a disability, chronic pain, invisible illness, something that you have to battle day in and day out, and still be an active productive positive human being that can see beyond the prisoner you’ve become in your body. Please do NOT tell me that because I am taking this life saving medicine, that I am not sober/clean and working a recovery program. Don’t judge or label me. If you can’t spread kindness, don’t spread ignorance. Mind your business people. Share solutions, not gossip about something you have no clue about. If you haven’t lived this way, keep your opinions to yourself. As opinions are like orgasms and I’m only concerned with mine. Though I’ll give you the best recipe to obtain your own life-changing ones. The Bud-gasam. Feeling so good in your body, that you actually feel like a normal human being capable of anything you set your mind to. Ready to set and achieve #lifegoals #medicalcannabissaveslives #Budtenderssavelives #wholepersonrecovery .

Well, I want to share this review with my fellow warriors who deal with the aforementioned conditions or whatever you are currently suffering with. There is a solution out there. You don’t have to live this way anymore. I believe adding this natural medicine to your daily routine will help on multiple levels. For me, it addresses all the key points I’m focused on right now.

I’ve tried, “blueberry cookies, ACDC, Pain Killer, and Golden Strawberry so far. It helps me arm myself for battle and manage my conditions. I have a happier and more productive way of life. I don’t “feel high”, I feel like I found a mute and/or pause button for my pain. It doesn’t endanger or hinder my recovery in anyway, but helps me in every aspect of my whole person recovery, I have established for myself.

From the day in day out battle, the invisible war paint others don’t see, to being able to have a beautifully active, self-acceptance, spiritual experience, and heal my body from the inside out, that’s God. A miracle if you believe in those. From not being able to walk or move, to dancing, walking, hiking, and so much more… The tears of joy, instead of sorrow. I thank you Annie! I thank you Euphoria Wellness, for giving me my life back.

Now that I’m mobile, I will hustle to get out of the financial hole I’m in. Once I do, I will be writing reviews about the product, and the type of relief I experience from it, as well as the active role my bud-tender has in my whole person wellness recovery.

My bud-tender is: an angel, a life-saver, a medical professional, a cannabis Guru, A whole person wellness recovery specialist, a coach, a friend.

If you or someone you know is struggling with pain. Having a hard time with their conditions, have tried everything else and feel like giving up??? Don’t, go see Annie at Euphoria Wellness in Frederick Maryland, and she will help change your life.

The hard part is up to you… You don’t have to live in pain anymore. Take the first step.

If you’re interested in my journey, what strains work for me or my other articles, please leave a comment on this review and I’ll address it on my next article.

Take care, and until next time….

Signed: with LOVE and extra spoons from “Confessions of an anonymous Spoonie”

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